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Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)

Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)

Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)
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Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)

Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)
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Máy đo độ rung, độ ồn thang máy (Elevator Vibration Sound Level Meter)

Hãng sản xuất: PMT
Model: EVA-625
Xuất xứ: USA
Bảo hành: 12 tháng


- It is an international standard machine that can measure the feeling of ride through the measurement of the vibration and the sound of an elevator and an escalator. 
- It is possible to measure the feeling of ride based on ISO standard.
- It is possible to measure acceleration, adjustable speed, speed, and jerk (impact). 
- It is possible to clarify the location of the step difference and the bending of the rail that have influence on the feeling of ride. 
- It is possible to analyze the performance of the roller guide. 
- It is possible to manage the quality history before and after the installation. 
- It is possible to test the safety and the buffer. 
- It is possible to analyze the causes for the defects of serves, ropes, and counter weights. 

• Quantify Elevator/Escalator ISO18738 Ride Quality 
• Measure Acceleration/Deceleration, Speed, Jerk 
• Identify & Locate Rail & Joint Misalignment 
• Diagnose Bad Roller Guides 
• Document Pre/Post Modernization Changes 
• Evaluate Safety & Buffer Tests 
• Troubleshoot Sheave, Ropes, Counterweight 
• Assess Drive & Controller Function 
• Document Elevator Performance Baseline 
• Year to Year Elevator Operation Comparison

EVA System Highlights

• Ride Quality Measurement & Diagnostic Tool for Elevator Service, Analysis, & Inspection 
• Highly Accurate, Broad Band 3 Axis Acceleration With Frequency Response Down to 0 Hertz 
• A -Weighted, Fast Response, Sound Level Recording 
• Elevator, Escalator, Real Time Vibration &Tachometer Operation Modes 
• Conforms to International Measurement Standards 
• RSB Removable Tri-Axial Acceleration Sensor Block 
• Extremely Easy to Use, Portable, Battery Operated, Rugged, Reliable, Small Size, Light Weight 
• Low Cost – Includes EVA Software, Sensors, Battery Charger, Serial Cable, 1 Year Warranty 
• Optional Tachometer For Elevator Door and Escalator Handrail/Step Speed Comparison 
• Optional +/-10g Range Accelerometer for Safety & Buffer Tests 
• Robust Hardware Design for Accurate Response to Vibration & Long Term Reliability 

EVA Vibration Analysis Tools Software 
• Operations under Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT 
• ISO Human Response (ISO18738), Acceleration, Sound Level, Speed, Jerk, Distance Time Histories Display 
• Spectral Analysis Capability, Software Selectable Filters & Sampling Rate 
• ISO Human Response Analysis & User Selectable Digital Filtering 
• User Defined Units of Measure & Graphical Scaling, Box Zoom & Scroll, 
• Project Specification Analysis, Data Base Compilation 
• Multiple Report Printing including Peak to Peak Vibration, Max/Average, Sound Max/Average 
• Elevator Performance Measurements 

Field Operations with a Field Tough Instrument - The EVA system is particularly easy to operate, both in the field and in the office. About the size of a notebook computer, operation is simple and fast. The system can be configured for use on site, without having to carry a PC with you. Simply place the EVA-625 on the floor of the elevator, turn it on, press the record switch, and ‘take a ride’. The data is automatically stored in non-volatile memory with room for over 700 seconds of data. An 
entire bank of elevators can be recorded in minutes. The EVA system is rugged enough so that it can go anywhere at anytime with few concerns. Shipping and field operations with a high accuracy instrument are no longer a worry. 
Removable 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor - An important EVA-625 design innovation is the removable triaxial accelerometer package (RSB). It can be left within the EVA case for simple ride quality analysis, or the sensor can be removed for attachment to specific elevator mechanical elements. This allows isolated measurements of the vibration response of specific elevator structural members and components such as roller guides, motors, and gear boxes.

ETCH01 Tachometer Module – Although the EVA system accurately calculates elevator velocity and distance in elevator systems without the need of a tachometer, there are times when speed must be measured precisely in constantly moving systems such as escalators. To meet these needs, the ETCH01 tachometer is an extension to all EVA-625 systems. This provides the ability to measure & record, or display in real time, direct drive speed measurements for escalator handrails & steps, escalator stops, elevator doors, or any moving system. 
IMD-1 Escalator Step Skirt Index Measurement Device – The EVA-625 can be used with the IMD-1 to record and analyze the newly defined escalator step/skirt index. The combination of EVA-625 and IMD-1 allows the measurement of loaded gap (step edge to skirt distance) and coefficient of friction of escalator skirt panels 

EVA-625 Specifications

Microprocessor: 8XC52 Family Running @ 11 MHz 
Display: 4 Line by 20 Column Liquid Crystal 
Keyboard: 1 X 4 Sealed Membrane 
Communications: Serial RS232, 57600 Baud 
Clock: Integrated Battery Backed Real Time Clock 
Battery: 12 V, Rechargeable Lead Acid Cel, 30 Hrs per Charge 
Battery Charger: Universal Voltage 
Sensors: 3 Accelerometers (x,y,z Triaxial arrangement) 
1 Condenser Microphone 
Accelerometer Technology: Piezoresistive, DC to 400 Hz

A/D Converter: 13 Bit Self Calibrating 
Anti-Aliasing Filters: (Acceleration Channels) 
Software Selectable: 80 Hz or 160 Hz Cutoff 
Sampling Rate: Software Selectable: 256 or 512 SPS/Channel 
Frequency Response: Acceleration Selectable 0 to 80/ 0 to 160 Hz 
Frequency Response: Mic. A-Weighted Fast Response 8 KHz 
Type 2S True RMS Sound Level Measurement 
Range: Acceleration: +1.5g to –1.5g, Mic: 40 to 90db(A) 
Resolution: Acceleration 600 micro(g), (.0006g), Mic: 1 dB 
Data Storage: Over 700 Seconds of 4 Channel Data 
PC Requirements: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT

Case: Structural Resin, Water Proof 
Dimensions: 27.3L x 24.7W x 12.7D (cm) 10.7L x 9.7W x 5.0D (in)

Weight: 4.3 (kg), 9.5 (lb) 
Accelerometer Housing: Stainless Steel 
(Removable Reorientation, Attachment to Structural Member) 
Chassis, Microphone Housing: Anodized Aluminum


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